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Focus Media LLC

Focus Media LLC

By 2013 the journal "Focus" was part of the media group UMH Group and belonged at the time Boris Lozhkina. In 2013, "Focus Media" was bought by Vertex United, owned by Boris Kaufman

Key facts

Business Form


Legal Form

Limited Liability Company

Business Sectors

LLC "Focus Media" hasn't other activity except media, but it is a group of "Vertex United", the scope of which is associated with the hotel business.


Individual Owner

Boris Kaufman

Boris Kaufman - Ukrainian millionaire businessman, former member of the Odessa City Council, owner of Vertex United, publisher of the journal "Focus". Born in November 25, 1973 in Odessa. 1995 graduated from Odessa State University named after I. Mechnikov. After graduation he worked in a bakery together with his father, later sold Italian shoes.
In 1996, Boris Kaufman came to the corporation "Overline" as deputy head of the " Overline Trading Ltd". In 2002 he was appointed president of the corporation " Overline." Later in " Overline " came his future business partner Alexander Granovsky, with whom he studied law at the university.
The most important asset of "Overline" were: PrJSC«First Distillery" (produced vodka TM "Mjagkov" TM "Navigator") and PJSC "Odessa factory of sparkling wines" (brand of sparkling wine "Odessa" and L `Odessika, henri Roederer). Soon all assets were united in a corporation " Overline ", which consisted of assets of companies - first alcoholic drinks plant, the Odessa factory of sparkling wines (TM "Odessa" TM L'Odessika), «Ismail winery" (TM "Izmail") Trading House GoldenLine, Agrofirma "Izmail". The corporation production goods that were exported to 20 countries.
In late 2012, Boris Kaufman and Alexander Granovsky sold all the assets in the alcohol business. Boris Kaufman and Alexander Granovsky are shareholders Vertex Hotel Group, which manages hotels "Bristol" and "London" in Odessa and "President Hotel" in Kiev. The Holding "Kashtan-Development", which belongs to Boris Kaufman and Alexander Granovsky, is engaged in construction of residential complexes in Odessa. The construction also involved in their PE "Grand Invest" and "Ukrbudservis." He has also owns LLC "Odessa Airport Development".

In June 2013, Vertex United acquired a media holding UMH group (majority owner - Boris Lozhkyn) and a billionaire Gennadiy Bogolyubov media project "Focus" (magazine "Focus", "Focus. Beautiful Country" traveling In 2006, Boris Kaufman ran for the Ukrainian Parliament from "Bloc of Lytvyn."

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"Focus" magazine (0,2%)


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Media Business

Publishing | Focus #



Publishing | Focus #

International Business

Foreign company "Uayares Enterprises LTD"

General Information

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LLC "Vertex United"


Україна, kyiv, 01042, 17/5 Drugby Narodyv, 17/5 bld.

Phone: 207-45-54

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Executive Board

CEO - Illya Noyabryov
Commercial director Tatyana Laryna

Other Influential People

Media reports linked Kaufman’s journal “Focus” with his business partner Alexander Granovsky, but we were unable to confirm this information in public records. Granovskiy is a Ukrainian businessman, philanthropist and shareholder of Vertex United. He was born in Uman July 31, 1972 graduated from the Odessa State University, where he met his future business partner Boris Kaufman. Kaufman and Granovsky studied at the Faculty of Law. Alexander Granovsky later continued his education at the State Academy of Management under the President of Ukraine.

His career began in 1993 with the post of commercial director, director of construction SPTK "Evas" (Odessa). Already in 2001, the professional community highly appreciated the achievements of Alexander - he was awarded the prize "Businessman of the Year" in Odessa (National Recognition). In the same year Granovsky became Vice President of the Football Federation of Ukraine. This post he held until 2012

In the 2000s. Granovsky and Kaufman were jointly involved in the development of the corporation "Overline." After the sale of liquor production assets in 2008, the partners created a company Vertex United. The company entered the assets of the hotel directly (4-5 star hotels), "President Hotel", the hotel "Bristol" hotel "London" and other hotel facilities use; From 2002 to 2006 Alexander Granovsky was the member of Ukrainian Parliament and the member of the Budget Committee of Ukrainian Parliament.

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ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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