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“Segodnia” (“Today”)

Segodnya is a part of holding "Segodya multimedia" which a part of Media Group Ukraine

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Media Group Ukraine


Ownership Structure

Joint stock company “System Capital Management” (SCM) (70,0001 %) is owned by Rinat Akhmetov, «SCM Limited» (29,9999 %). The company is registered in Cyprus. SCM Company (System Capital Management) Limited is for 100% part of SCM Group.

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“Vydavnycha Grupa Segodnya” (“Today Publishing Group”), Private Joint Stock Company.

Affiliated Interests Founder

The richest Ukrainian citizen (according to “Forbes” as for March, 2016 he had $2.3 bln. Before war and crisis he had $16 bln. He took the 39th place in the world in 2012). He owns “Ukraina” (“Ukraine”) TV-channel in media area as well. Mainly his business is focused in metallurgic, coal mining and energetic areas. He was the main sponsor of the Party of Regions (now it is called “Oppositional bloc”) during the rule of Yanukovich. Member of Ukrainian Parliamentof two convocations (2006-2012).


Vasyl Potapov

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Vasyl Potapov is Director-General, editor in chief of “Segodnya Multimedia” (“Today Multimedia”), Private Joint Stock Company.
Before his work in “Segodnya Multimedia” (“Today Multimedia”), Vasyl Potapov was an Associate Director General responsible for business development in “Pronto-Media” multimedia company. It is a leader of Russian market of advertising information media outlets. “Pronto-Media” includes publishing chains in Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.


Olga Guk

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Olga Guk is an editor in chief of the newspaper for 15 years with small breaks.

Other Important People

1. Igor Gujva was an editor in chief for long time. Currently he is not engaged in the project.
2. Oles’ Buzina was an editor in chief for several month prior to his murder (January – March, 2015).
3. Olena Gromnitska is a former press-secretary of the second president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma. She headed the “Segodnya Multimedia” (“Today Multimedia”) holding from July 2011 to January 2012.
4. Dmytro Belyansky was a multimedia development director in 2011. He was a colleague of Olena Gromnytska. He is associated with Ihor Shuvalov who molds informational policy of INTER TV-channel.
5. Mykhailo Batig is one of UNIAN creators. He was an assistant of Gromnytska. Media called him a “censor” from administration of Yanukovich.
6. Vadym Denysenko. Currently he is a member of Ukrainian Parliament from BPP. In 2013 he was a Content Director in “Segodnya Multimedia” (“Today Multimedia”) holding.

Affiliated Interests other important people

All the mentioned people except for Denysenko can be considered as people with pro-Russian views and Oles Buzina had ultra-pro-Russian views. These people were brought up on Russian culture and this is exactly the tone they set in the newspaper for many years.


Head office of “Segodnya Multimedia” (“Today Multimedia”), Private Joint Stock Company is at Borshchahivska str., 152b, Kyiv, 03056, UkraineHead office phone numbers +38 (044) 457 24 00, 206 66 30 fax: +38 (044) 457 23 87Website link

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Газета "Сегодня" – стабильный лидер рынка прессы 2015

Meta Data

It was rather simple to gather information about the newspaper, except for income. The media outlet belongs to two companies that belong to one holding. But this ease is seeming, since at the beginning of the newspaper existence Rinat Akhmetov denied his connection to it.


State register Ministry of justice of Ukraine of print media and information agencies as subjects of information activity. Retrieved in August 2016, from

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