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ICTV is one of the top Ukrainian channels broadcasting on the national level 24h. The official website states, it is the first private-owned channel covering all Ukrainian territories. The core audience is aged 25-55 and is predominantly male. ICTV offers a wide range of socio-political and investigative programmes covering both news in Ukraine and outside the country. The “International commercial television and radio broadcasting company” ICTV Ukraine, LLC is a member of StarLightMedia holding. StarLight Media Limited is registered in Cyprus and belongs to Olena and Viktor Pinchuk.Oleksandr Bogutsky is a director-president of ICTV TV-channel, member of board of directors in EastOne investment and consulting company.

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ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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StartLight Media Ltd


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Trusts on behalf of Pinchuk are managed by the French citizen Benjamin Verne, UK citizen Samantha D'Aoud, Swiss citizen, Angelo de Riz Swiss and Jersey Island resident Collin Walker. They manage offshore companies in Seychelles and the British Virgin Islands, Samoa and Hong Kong. All these companies own the Cypriot StarLight Media LTD, which, in turn, owns all channels including Novyi and STB.

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LLC “TV-Holding”, which is owned by StarLight Media Limited (99.997%) (where Viktor Pinchuk and Olena Pinchuk are discrete beneficiaries of trusts that are monitored and managed on their behalf trustee) and two private companies (Private company Firm “Sag

Affiliated Interests Founder

LLC “TV-Holding” which is the founder of LLC “Mignarodna komerciyna teleradiokompania” (ICTV) (“International commercial TV and radio company” (ICTV) is owned by StarLight Media Limited which also includes companies that are founders of channels: STB, New channel, QTV, M1 and M2.
Victor Pinchuk and Olena Pinchuk also own a part of TAVR Media radio group, which contains 6 national radio stations in Ukraine.


Oleksandr Bogucki

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Oleksandr Bogucki, director-president of the TV channel ICTV, board member of investment advisory group EastOne. Group EastOne is an international investment advisory group that provides services to the investment management and strategic diversified portfolio of assets in various regions and industries. The group was established in 2007 by Victor Pinchuk to manage his assets.
Oleksandr graduated from the Faculty of International Relations of Lviv University, Doctor of Law. His career in journalism began in 1991 as editor of the first independent Ukrainian radio station "Radio Independence", has worked in the press and on television. In 1994 headed the press center of CJSC (PJSC) "Tavria Games" was indispensable leading music festival of the same name. Since 2000 - director-president of channel ICTV. In November 2009, Oleksandr Bogucki led a group StarLightMedia, and in March 2012 he was appointed member of the Board of Investment Consulting Group EastOne, which sells policies from the management of business assets.



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01033, Kyiv, 11 Pankivska str.+380442881919,

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2.5 hryvnya of disagreement. StarLightMedia and “1+1 Media” on amends to UPS and transition to market relations with providers

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There is no financial information about the channel. The real owners (Viktor and Olena Pinchuk are not final beneficiaries in legal terms – they are discrete beneficiaries of trusts that are monitored and managed on their behalf trustee – so it is impossible to show their shares, i.e. the real concentration of media ownership. It is also difficult to find a position of Editor-in-Chief of the channel, because probably there are a few editors for each program on the channel.


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