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LIGABIZNESINFORM News Agency LLC is an online media. The Company is owned by the Bondarenko family. According to the site it is a part of the Liga Group of Companies, however they are not legally affiliated, they are simply owned by the same people.

Key facts

Business Form


Legal Form

Limited Liability Company


Individual Owner

Serhiy Bondarenko, Dmytro Bondarenko, Maryna Bondarenko

Bondarenko Serhiy worked at the Kyiv Institute of Cybernetics. Together with his colleagues he started to develop search engines for the first regulatory acts of independent Ukraine. Serhiy Bondarenko is a founder of information and analytics center “Liga” (League). Currently he is a President of the Liga Group.

Maryna Bondarenko is the wife of Serhiy Bondarenko. She finished school with honors and later graduated from the Faculty of Cybernetics at the Kyiv State University with honors.

Dmytro Bondarenko is a son of Maryna and Serhiy Bondarenko. Currently he is a vice-president of the Liga Group.

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other Online Outlets - (32%)


Media Business

Media Business

Online media | # Sales of regulatory documents | development and sale of the database of regulatory documents to businesses



Online media | # Sales of regulatory documents | development and sale of the database of regulatory documents to businesses

General Information

Founding Year



Serhii Bondarenko, Dmytro Bondarenko, Maryna Bondarenko, Volodymyr Yegipko




General queries (044) 585-24-03

Tax/ ID Number


Financial Information

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Executive Board

Serhii Bondarenko, President of Liga Group of Companies.
Maryna Bondarenko (Yegipko), Vice President.
Their son Dmytro is Vice President of the Group too.
Volodymyr Yegipko, Maryna’s father, now is the leader of quality assurance system for the Liga:Zakon system.

Further Information

Data Publicly Available

ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Meta Data

Since Ukraine does not have a regulation for registration of internet-media, it is very hard to open the ownership structure of those media. Using the Unified State Register of Court Decisions, we found out the LLC “News Agency “LIGABIZNESINFORM” and, using the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs, we found out the founders. did not respond to our inquiry.


Unified state register of the Ministry of justice of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and civic formations. Retrieved in August 2016, from

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